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July 7, 2013
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Here's my guess as to what your reaction is right now: :iconilavplz: OMG! SapphireFoxx made an interactive Flash!!

Yes I did! =D This is something I've wanted to try out for quite some time. There isn't much clothing or hair style selections here, but this is just a proof of concept to make sure it all works.

The main thing I want to test in this demo is the saving function. It will not only save your character while you continue playing with the model, but the save will persist even after you close out of the window and come back to this page later. Hell, it should still be saved months from now (as long as you don't delete the save file on your computer). Be sure to let me know if you have any problems with saving or loading.


So why did I make this? I want to make an interactive TG game! It would play out more like a visual novel than an animation, but the player will control their character's choices and appearance.

The idea I had for the story is that a guy drives to Florida to meet his girlfriend there for an extended vacation. However, after he arrives he gets a call from her saying that she's breaking up with him. He becomes depressed and thinks that he won't meet anyone else, and that his vacation is ruined. So after a run in with the Fox, he starts slowly turning into a woman.

This transformation is unique because it will be gradual and the player will be able to control parts of it, as you see in the demo. After the transformation, the character will meet four potential love interests (two males, and two females) who the player has the option to date and interact with. The player will also be able to buy clothing and choose their current outfit.

Since making this game will be such a huge task, I'm planning on selling it rather than letting people play for free. I'm not sure about the price or where it will be sold. It might be for sale on, my website, or some other online outlet.

If people are interested in seeing this game made, and are willing to buy it, then I could make it a reality in the next few months.
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maybe a waist?
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how is work coming along with the game
hair style 3 pink shirt 1 pants 3 chest D cup mood 4 looks just like flannery from pokemon!
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